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Women’s Surf Adventures


Women’s Surf Adventures

Women's Surf Adventures 1

Women’s Surf Adventures is a women’s only surf camp located in a serene beach town, Nosara, Costa Rica. The surf camp has been featured in numerous magazines and has earned a fantastic reputation since its opening. It offers women who love to surf a chance to spend a ‘girls only’ among the tropical waves. Be it mothers, daughters, girlfriends, wives or grandmothers, every girl need to get away once in a while. The camp presents a great platform for women to spend some quality time doing what they love. Surf the smooth waves, go on jungle tours, and reside in luxurious hotels! Women’s Surf Adventures promises everyone an exclusive surfing retreat filled with bliss and sprinkled with adventures.

Women’s Surf Adventures Packages

Women’s Surf Adventures features five different packages with a lot of options. They are named Indulgence, Surfer Girl, The Getaway, Sustainable Surfer and Travel Insurance. From outdoor activities to a lazy day in a hotel, from scuba diving to hiking, from bird watching to kayaking, from Yoga to deep body massages, from delicious meals to airport transport – the packages have a large variety of amenities. Guests can also design their own package if they want! The surf camp looks out for you and helps you plan a suitable itinerary that will keep you fresh and excited. However, travelers usually make their own schedules because the camp is quite flexible allowing tourists to start their vacation whenever they like.

The popular packages:

The Getaway

This package is not just about surfing! Add yoga, kayaking, massages, zip lining, canopy tours, jungle expeditions and wildlife watching to your surfing holiday and you will have a tropical ‘getaway’.

Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl is a best package for hardcore surf enthusiasts. This trip will have take you surfing through the North Pacific coasts on all Women's Surf Adventuresthe best surf spots! The spots can be accessed via car or a boat! It is a guarantee that guests will have a most thrilling, fun and unique time during the trip! The packages includes round trip transportation, 7 Nights’ accommodation at your choice of hotel, bike rental, breakfast and dinner, drinks and so much more!

All these packages are great in their own way with several perks. Check out the site to know all the details!

Amazing Lodging Options

There is no doubt that a vacation can’t be complete if you are not residing in a comfortable place. Women’s Surf Adventures ensures that their guests accommodate in only a top notch hotels. Nosara may be small but no one can deny its beauty. It features plenty of condos, vacation rentals, homes, hostels and hotels. During your vacation at Women’s Surf Adventures, you can choose a place of your own choice! For backpackers, there are a number of great affordable bed and breakfasts and hostels while those who want a taste of some lavishness, can lodge in a five star hotel! The places recommended by the surf camp are Casa Romantica, Harmony Hotel and Harbor Reef. These three hotels have a sublime location, excellent services and superb rooms! Moreover, the places are quite nearby the beach, Playa Guiones where surf classes are held!

Contact Women’s Surf Adventures

Location: Nosara, Costa Rica
Phone Number: (866) 433-3355
Facebook Page:

For more information on Women’s Surf Adventures, visit:

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