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Kina Surf Shop


Kina Surf Shop

Kina Surf Shop

When in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, you will find many surf camps for surfing lessons. However, the one that stands out from the crowd is Kina Surf Shop. Kina Surf Shop has had an arduous love affair with the cerulean oceans of Costa Rica for around five decades. The ocean has finally been seduced by the experienced crew of surfers at this particular surf camp. Kina Surf Shop is the place to go on a vacation when you have a strong desire for surfing. Here you can make all your surfing dreams come true with whether you are holidaying solo, or with friends, family, or a lover. Costa Rica is a lush tropical paradise with breathtaking sights and enchanting days and nights packed with experiences that will last a life time.

Kina Surf Shop Surf Lessons

The surf lessons at Kina Surf Shop are imparted and supervised by professional surf instructors who have an excellent surfing Kina Surf Shop 1experience. The Kina Surf Shop crew has packed lessons with the best of new as well as tried and tested techniques. Boards are personalized and the board that will suit your body structure and surf experience level will be provided to you. The surf lessons are full of amazing zest and joy. The teaching method is a wonderful blend of innovation and tradition. Instructors are ISA certified, bilingual and have been trained as lifeguards and ocean safety personnel look over all levels of surf lessons which include beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Kina Surf Shop Staff

The magic of the ocean and tropics can be brought to life on a surf camp vacation by a staff that is courteous and welcoming. The folks at the Kina Surf Shop are lively, hearty, and knowledgeable in that they are able to helps their guest and meet their needs. You will find the staff to be wonderful and they are a group of people originating from New Zealand who own and manage this surf shop. You will find their honesty to be refreshing and will surely be satisfied with the customer service whether you are there to buy or rent.

Kina Surf Shop Sale and Rental

Even though Kina Surf shop is known for its amazing rashguards and board rentals, there is other stuff available that you might need on a surfing trip. Top quality equipment consisting of all and any accessories required for a surfing trip is provided. This includes, but is not limited to, surfboards, surf clothes, appealing bikinis, book guides, and other stuff on rent. The bikinis are available in a tantalizing range of sizes, colours, and cuts.

Contact Kina Surf Shop

Location: 100 meters from Pizza Tomate in Plaza Solar #3, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 506 264 00627
Facebook Page:

A Surf Adventure with Kina Surf Shop

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