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Playa Jaco


Playa Jaco

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Surf Spot: Playa Jaco
Break Type: Beach Break
Difficulty Level: All Surfers
Best Swell Direction: Southwest, Northwest
Ride Direction: Right and Left
Tides: Rising  Tides


Playa Jaco is a surfer’s sanctuary. The beach is in the town which has the largest number of surf shops and surf camps in Costa Rica. Jaco is also a home to many renowned surfers such as Jairo Perez, Nathaly Bernhold, Gilbert Brown, Lisbeth Vindas and Diego Naranjo. There is no doubt that Jaco is one of the best places to begin your surfing journey. Beginners can learn to ride here, veterans can get their groove back and everyone can stock up on essential equipment and supplies. Due to its tremendous popularity, the town is visited by numerous surfers and the beach is often very crowded. Jaco has a humid climate with frequent rainfalls. The best time to surf is from May to November.Jaco

The long beach of Jaco features a small beach break with lots of peaks. The waves break over a sandy bottom to the right and left. Although the waves have an average quality with an ordinary power, they remain consistent throughout the year and provide a great base for all sorts of surfers. Most of the time, the waves are short reaching about 50 meters in height. However on a good day, the waves can even reach the length of 300 meters. The size of swells is usually short (less than 1 meter) but sometimes it can hold up to 10 feet. Commonly, the size remains chest high to a foot overhead. The waves close out if it gets any bigger. Good swells are raised from Northwest and Southwest direction. Unlike other beaches, a southern swell creates small surf as it is protected by a western bay. Superb waves are generated at mid to high tide when it is rising. The best time to surf is two hours before a high tide. During a low tide, beginners can learn to surf in the whitewater. Surfers should watch out for rips, undertows and currents which can stir up quite a panic among a surfer.

Surf Camps

There are many great surf camps in Playa Jaco. Del Mar Surf Camp and Yoga Retreat is a certified luxury camp famous among both locals and tourists. The camp offers first class surfing lessons, coaching, adventurous surfing tour and fabulous packages in Jaco and other surf spots. Del Mar Extreme is a premier surf camp offers amazing surf lessons in the tropical water along with stand up paddling, boogie boarding, mountain biking tours and beachfront fitness class such as yoga and Pilates. Vista Guapa Surf Camp features stand up paddle and surf lessons for novices and advanced surfers. Other popular camps are Jaco Surf Academy, Jaco Surf School, School of the World and Jim Hogan Surf Camp.


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