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Puerto Viejo Surf Adventures


Puerto Viejo Surf Adventures

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, also known as Puerto Viejo to locals, is a small coastal town situated in Limon Province on the Caribbean region of Costa Rica. The town is popular tourist destination, particularly to backpackers, sport-fishing enthusiasts and surfers. With a mix of Afro Caribbean people and an amalgamation of different cultures, the town offers a glimpse of a quaint side of the country.

Surfers from all over the world travel to Puerto Viejo just to face the challenging waves of Salsa Brava, one of the most dangerous and fast waves of the world. The beach town features a string of sublime beaches such as Playa Chiquita, Playa Negra, and Punta Uva. A splendid beach town, Manzanillo, is located just adjacent to the coastal town, where various aquatic sports like fishing, surfing, sea kayaking and snorkeling are popular among the tourists. The famous Jaguar Rescue Center is also located nearby the village. Furthermore, Cahuita National Park and Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge are in close proximity to the towns and vacationers can go over there for an adventurous day anytime they wish. In quite a short time, Puerto Viejo has flourished as a successful vacation destination. As a result of its spectacular tropical scenery, shimmering shorelines, laid back ambiance, sport opportunities and a plethora of exotic wildlife including the native howler monkeys, Puerto Viejo has become an ideal place for a relaxed sporty holiday.

Surf Adventures in Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is famous for its surfing opportunities and it does have a variety of spots perfect for every skill and level.Puerto Viejo 1

Salsa Brava

To ride the waves at Salsa Brava is a dream come true for a surfer. It is a powerful and heavy Hawaiian style wave that develops in deep water and bursts over a shallow reef. It has both right and left breaks with right being faster. It is the most powerful wave of Costa Rica and only experts can ride it safely.

Isla Uvita

Located off the coast from Limon, Isla Uvita can be accessed by a boat only. It presents awesome reef breaks with powerful swells and waves that can reach up to 10 feet! The waves are not suitable for beginners but experts and intermediate surfers can have a truly fine time.

Other Locations

For novices, the black beach, Playa Negra, has a fine set of waves which are real fun to ride, especially in the morning. Just south to Puerto Viejo, Playa Cocles is located which proffers safe, consistent, smooth and clean waves. The break is ideal for beginners who will have a fun time trying to catch the waves. a short walk away there is Manzanillo featuring a very fast break which only a veteran surfer can safely ride.

Surf Schools in Puerto Viejo

Crocodile Surf Camp and Beachfront Cabins is a budget friendly surf camp which has been in the business since 2008. It provides beach front camping areas and cabins, hammocks, two kitchen areas and surf classes. The school is great for backpackers and others, especially students, on a vacation who are short on money. Another popular surf school is Totem Surf School that offers lodging, guided surf trips and equipment. It is great for families and couples. For advanced surfers, Tamandua Surf Lodge, located minutes away from Salsa Brava is great. You will find many surf shops along the beach from where you can rent or buy a surfboard and other gear.

Where to Eat and Sleep in Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo has plenty of lodges, hostels, cabinas, resorts and hotels for accommodation which are suitable for every kind of budget. For backpackers, La Ruka Hostel, Sunrise Hotels or Veronica’s Place, a comfortable and cheap bed & breakfast, is a good option. If you are looking for a mid-range family oriented place, you will find Hotel Boutique Indalo and Apartamentos Agapi perfect for your needs. For a more luxurious retreat with views of ocean and beaches, consider Cariblue Hotel, Hotel Playa Negra and Le Cameleon Puerto Viejo. There are quite a few restaurants in the town. If you are craving a fresh sea food, See food Mediterraneo, an oceanfront restaurant, is a place to go. Surfers and sport lovers will enjoy the American bar and diner, Tasty Waves Cantina. For a healthy breakfast and brunch, Veronica’s Place, Beach Hut and Oshii’s Caribbean Lounge CafĂ© are highly recommended.

Puerto Viejo Surf Adventures

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