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Tamarindo Surf School


Tamarindo Surf School

Tamarindo Surf School

Tamarindo Surf School is the premier surf school located in Tamarindo in the province of Guanacaste, Nicoya Peninsula, on the northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. They have a vast experience of surfing acquired over many years in Costa Rica. Tamarindo Surf School’s team consists of Costa Rican surfers who also possess excellent skills in teaching and instructing. Moreover, they are also highly trained lifeguards and know a great deal about ocean safety. Tamarindo is a popular beach town which is considered as a surfer’s sanctuary. The main pursuits of Tamarindo include eco tourism, sport fishing and surfing. Surfing in warm tropical water can be enjoyed throughout thee in Tamarindo. It is a family oriented beach and you will be happy to find that Tamarindo has waves for all levels of surfing. Popular surf points are Pico Pequeno, El Estero and Isla Capitan. Tamarindo Surf School organizes surfing expeditions to Tamarindo and several other famous places such as Avellanas, Playa Grande and Playa Negra. For veteran surfers, surf trips are made to Roca Bruja “Witch Rock” and Ollie’s Point.

Tamarindo Surf School’s Surf Lessons

A surf lesson with Tamarindo Surf School begins right on the beach with a thorough theory lessons and practice of various paddling Tamarindo Surf School 1positions on the board. In the water, you will be taught how to swiftly stand up on the board without falling off, how to pick up your very first wave, and even ride it. The lessons are conducted in groups which are usually 2 hours long and individually which are one and a half hour long. Group lessons have 5 students at most. If you want discount through internet, you just have to make a reservation in advance by sending an email. The courses can be either 3 days or 4 days long. A 3 day course is ideal for people who are looking to improve their rusty surfing or want to learn the basic steps. It features 2 lessons a day. A 4 day course is good for those who are seeking other adventures along with surfing. Depending upon the weather, surf sessions can be conducted in morning or in the afternoon. Rest of the day you can hang out at the beach, take eco tours, go diving, snorkeling and explore the city.

Surf and Tennis 3 Day Special Package

Surf and Tennis 3 Day Special Package is a unique, premium package offered by Tamarindo Surf School and 15 Love. It features 2 private surfing classes, 2 tennis lessons, free breakfasts, access to tennis court and a special discount if you choose to stay for more than 5 days.

Surf and Spanish Programs

The Wayra Instituto de Español teamed up with Tamarindo Surf School to provide a great Surf and Spanish Program. From Monday to Friday, Spanish classes are taken in groups of 5 to 6 students. Rest of the day and on weekends, surf lessons are conducted in best surf points of Costa Rica.

Contact Tamarindo Surf School

Location: Beach Street Tamarindo, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 506-2653-0923 and 00506-2653-0923
Facebook Page:

A Surf Adventure with Tamarindo Surf School

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