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Top Eco-Friendly Surf Camps with Yoga in Costa Rica

Pranamar Yoga Center in Santa Teresa

The Bali-style yoga deck at Pranamar Yoga Center and Surf Camp, located beachfront just north of Santa Teresa.

Some of the best eco-friendly yoga and surf retreats

Costa Rica is often called the happiest country in the world. It is also home to incredible surfing adventures and yoga camps, fulfilling the desires of adventure sports enthusiasts while trying to satisfy the need for tranquility and peace for over one million tourists every year. For some, surfing is a type of moving meditation, for others it is a more physical discipline. On the other hand, yoga is something that offers a connection to the higher self along with purification of body and soul and achieving flexibility and agility. All this moves one towards a goal of inner peace.

For many, the combination of surfing and yoga is ideal for a vacation away from the tiredness of daily living, and Costa Rica provides this opportunity. The popularity of yoga is increasing continuously due to its many health benefits, and with it a growing number of yoga centers are being built in this country.

Many of Costa Rica’s surf camps offer packages that include food, accommodations, classes and surfboards. Safety is a priority, and most classes are taught by experienced instructors using soft boards, which are easier for begnners and are more stable. Both private and group classes are available. For newbies, smaller waves are best, whereas for more skilled surfers, more powerful waves offer a better challenge. Important physical aspects in surfing, like strength in paddling, correct timing and balance on the board, are obvious. What isn’t as well known is that yoga fills in a few gaps, helping with flexibility, breath control, and inner peace, which lead to better surfing.

Costa Rica is home to numerous surf camps due to its excellent weather conditions, warm water, and swells throughout the year. Choosing among the best surf camps is difficult, so to help your decision, we have compiled a short list of some of our favorites, which offer not just surfing and yoga, but an eco-friendly focus and appreciation of Costa Rica’s beautiful natural abundance.

Best Surf Camps with Yoga

Anamaya surf camp in Montezuma, Costa Rica1. Anamaya Resort, Costa Rica

Anamaya resort provides incredible panoramic views of the ocean as it is built on the edge of a cliff. It is beautifully situated between majestic waterfalls and rain forests, making it to one of the greenest surf camps in the world. The stunning resort offers numerous types of surfing classes, yoga retreats, meditations retreats, cleansing and detox retreats, scuba diving and yoga classes along with gourmet organic food and spa facilities. There are broadly two types of yoga retreats available- simple yoga retreat and adventure yoga retreat, the latter includes expeditions in and out of town, waterfall hike, tour to Butterfly Garden and infrared sauna treatments. Fire dancing, circus shows and local expeditions are arranged so that the guests can never get bored. The customer services and accommodations are very impressive, making you comfortable perhaps more than your home. Guests are also taken to the world-known beautiful white beaches. The food served is super foods including almonds, apples, cranberries, Spirolina, etc. The resort offers almost a new adventure every day during your stay. Other range of facilities include massage services, high-speed Wi-Fi connections, ATV- riding, horse-riding and a lot more. If you want to add verdure and scenic beauty to your surfing experiences, Anamaya Resort is to the place to be. Website: Anamaya Surf Camp

Surf Camp - Del Mar2. Del Mar Surf Camp, Costa Rica

Owned and operated by three local women of Rica, Del Mar Surf Camp blends surfing experiences brilliantly with the local culture and history. Some of the instructors are part of the Costa Rican national team. Located in one of the greenest place in the world, the stay at Del Mar Surf Camp is soothing to the soul. There are four types of surf lessons offered: Beginner, Private, Family and Advanced along with other combinations of surfing, yoga and adventure. Surfing is done at three locations- Playa Hermosa Jaco, Nosara Surf Paradise and St. Teresa Surf. Stand Up Paddling, Kayaking, ATV riding, yoga, horse-riding and massage facilities are also available making it a perfect place for a surf camp out. Emphasis is given to safety as maximum safety measures are taken to reduce the risk of injury and damage. Further Info: Del Mar Surf Camp

La Escuela del Sol3. La Escuela Del Sol, Costa Rica

La Escuela Del Sol offers Hatha Vinyasa classes inspired from Anusara Yoga. Yoga is practiced in open air almond-wood floored rooms making the experience tranquil, restful and calm. Yoga packages include yoga classes, surfing, accommodations, and trips to waterfalls nearby, Spanish instructions, horse-back riding and scuba diving. There is a number of yoga programs available to choose from- Yoga only program, Yoga in Montezuma which includes fire shows, guided waterfall hike, etc., Yoga and Poi, Yoga and Surfing and Yoga and Scuba. Accommodation is of both Private and Share types. Some superior rooms are also offered with more spacious rooms and all the facilities one could need. More Info: La Escuela del Sol

Pranamar Yoga Center in Santa Teresa4. Pranamar Villas And Yoga Retreat, Costa Rica

It is located on Santa Teresa which is an exceptionally attractive place with incredibly beautiful white beaches giving access to world class surfing experiences. The beach is famous for one of the most satisfying and thrilling surfing experiences in the whole country. The open-air restaurant offers delicious cuisine and tea lounges allow the guests to have a sip of tea with ravishing oceanic views. Different types of yoga packages and yoga and surf packages are available to avail the best out of the surf camp. More Info: Pranamar

Shake Surf Camp Playa Hermosa5. Shaka Beach Retreat, Costa Rica

It is situated among lush green tropical jungle bringing the guests close to the natural flora and fauna and also making their stay greener than ever. It serves as a special surfing destination coupled with ravishing beauty of the area. Practicing yoga at such a serene place gives serenity and peacefulness. Luxurious and comfortable beach-side villas have been built for accommodation fitted with beds, sinks and ceiling fans. The cuisines are mouth-watering and gardens beautiful. The overall location is full of greenery with a lot of spaces to take a stroll and come back rich. Surf and Yoga Package include daily yoga classes, daily surf lessons, unlimited surf equipment use, dinner hour surf questions and answers and Snorkel gear use. Website: Shaka

Wendy's Yoga Santa Teresa6. Wendy’s Yoga, Costa Rica

It is located on Santa Teresa Beach considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The accommodation consists of teak-floored with comfortable, relaxing verandas. Yoga is practiced with magical oceanic view in front adding beauty to the practicing. The trainers are particularly very supportive and the reception services are warm. Yoga facilities are commendable with a variety of courses to choose from. There is also a sunset yoga and meditation class. Delicious dinner is served at the end of the day followed by relaxation. Basically, three surf lessons are provided by professional and certified instructors. Staffs are very welcoming and hiking trips to Cabo Blanco National Reserve Park can be arranged with their help. Other extra activities include horseback riding, sport fishing and canopy tours. Website: Wendy’s Yoga Santa Teresa

Vista Guapa Surf Camp7. Vista Guapa Surf Camp, Costa Rica

The instructors here are well-trained helping the beginners and advanced surfers according to their need. Along with surfing, trips are organised to Manuel Antonio National Park and Carrara National Park, making your stay greener than ever. The staffs are very welcoming and helps you even organize canopy tours, mountain biking and other adventure sports with the help of local tour companies. Special events like OceanFit Experience are also organised which include week long packages for surfing, yoga sessions and accommodations priced uniquely for a greater experience of everything. There are two yoga decks, one facing the ocean and the other near the pool. A gentle breeze in the evening provides a perfect ambiance for yoga practicing on the decks. Website: Vista Guapa

Additional Info

Ideally yoga is practiced in a quiet, natural place with fresh air to breathe. Greenery creates loveliness and if a surf camp is located in a natural verdant place, it adds a natural relaxing tone to the whole environment and experience. Though one can try, not many people can really surf all day long, and so yoga and experiencing the wildlife of Costa Rica are great things to do when not on the waves. The scenic beauty of Costa Rica is perfect for practicing yoga.

Some of these camps even offer yoga teacher training, such as a 200-hr certification course lasting a month which will have you ready to teach classes of your own.

If you want to cleanse your body and soul, these camps are great places to be for a week or more.

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