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Caldera Regional Surfing Guide


The Surf Breaks of Puerto Caldera

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Caldera Regional Surfing Guide

Puerto Caldera is a major port of Costa Rica located in the Central Pacific Coast close to the Golfo de Nicoya, Puntarenas. While playing a very important role in the country’s trading system, Puerto Caldera has also become a popular tourist attraction. It sits in a beautiful, unspoiled location decorated with clean shorelines, swaying trees and tall cliffs. From the port, you can go on a cruise, wave riding or simply leisure around on the beach with a chilled drink in your hands. Surf breaks found in Caldera are:

Playa Caldera

Puerto Caldera features a protected jetty break with a fairly consistent surf. The surf breaks in both directions over a sandy bottom butCaldera Regional Surfing Guidefavors lefts more than the rights. The break at Puerto Caldera is suitable for all levels of surfers. On weekdays, the spot is deserted however on weekdays it can get super crowded. The water is polluted with frequent rips and undertows so be careful.

Playa Bajamar

Playa Bajamar is a secluded beach found a few kilometers away from Caldera. It features a very consistent reef rocky break perfect for experienced surfers. The waves break to the left over a flat sand rocky bottom. The surf best works during mid to high tide. The water is polluted and packed with urchins and rocks so be careful.

Playa Valor

Playa Valor is a grey sand beach that features a rocky point break with many lefts that can get quite good at a low tide. To access the beach, you will have to paddle across the river. The break is ideal for all levels of surfers. Watch out for rip currents, sharks and rocks. Playa Valor gets super crowded on weekends.


Tivives is a port and bay located in the canton of Esparza on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica in Puntarenas Province about 5 miles south of Caldera. The port town has a small grey sand beach that joins the river which then flows into the Pacific Ocean. The beach features a consistent point break that breaks to the left and right in a gnarly fashion at a rivermouth over a sandy bottom. The waves can be surfed by all levels of surfers. Playa Tivives is very crowded on weekends but you will the break deserted on weekdays.


Corralillo is located 15 to 30 minutes away from Puntarenas just south to Boca Barranca. It is left handed point break with a sandy bottom and regular waves. The surf point is a fun destination for all levels of surfers. The best time to catch the waves is at a mid to high tide with swells coming from the south and southwest. The break is deserted most of the times.

Playa Dona Ana

Playa Doña Ana is in North Puntarenas on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Travelers who want to have a taste of everything the tropical country is famous for should head to Dona Ana. The waves of Playa Dona Ana are rather demanding luring numerous surf enthusiasts from all over the globe. The beach features a point break that goes to the left breaking over a flat rocky sand bottom. The waves are very consistent, fast and create ledges frequently. Only experienced surfers should ride here. The beach is super crowded most of the time.

Boca Barranca

Located just north of Puerto Caldera, about 100 kilometers from San Jose, Boca Barranca is a left point break with world class waves. Boca Barranca is regarded as one of the best long-boarding waves in the world. After Pavones, it is the second longest left in Costa Rica making it a third longest wave in the world. Long boarders who desire to pick up and ride a long left should visit the tapering estuary of Boca Barranca located in El Roble. Even though the waves are excellent for long boarders, they won’t disappoint other surfers as well.

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