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Cocaine Point Surfing


Cocaine Point Surfing

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Surf Spot: Cocaine Point
Break Type: Reef Rocky
Difficulty Level
: All surfers
Ride Direction: Right
Best Swell Direction: East, Northeast
Tides: All tides – Rising and falling tides


Cocaine Point is a surf spot that was created in 1991 after an earthquake. It is an exposed reef rocky break located across the water in cocaine pointLimon Province on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. The break is consistent throughout the year and peels to the right over a reef bottom. To work Cocaine Point requires lots of swells from the north and northeast direction. Windswells are more than the groundswells and the wind direction is best from the southwest. The waves are regular, powerful and hollow riding up to 300 meters on good days. The surf is good to go during all tides. The waves are quite fun and easy to ride perfect for all sorts of surfers. The spot can get crowded sometimes usually on weekends. Watch out for rips, undertows and rocks.

Surf Camps

Popular surf camps on Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica include Surf For Life, Nomad Surfers Surf Camp, Hostel Crocodile Surf Camp, Totem Surf School and Tours and Totem Hotel Beach Resort.

Surf Forecast

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