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Dominical Surf Lessons with Debbie


Dominical Surf Lessons with Debbie

Dominical Surf Lessons

Dominical Surf Lessons is a well known surf camp located in Dominical and Jaco, Costa Rica. The camp is operated and owned by Debbie, a hardcore surfer, whose goal is to spread her knowledge of surfing to people interested to learn. The school, led by Debbie and her qualified team, is renowned for its professionalism, innovative style and effective teaching methods. The school organizes surf trips in Jaco and Dominical. Both town are famous for their beaches, great weather and surf spots. Vacationers can choose any of the beaches for their classes. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, the lessons you take with Dominical Surf Lessons will exceedingly improve your surfing skills.

About Debbie

Debbie Zec is a 23 years old professional surfer and an ocean body boarder. She developed a passion for surfing and other aquatic sports since a very young age. By the time she was 14, she had started to work for surf companies in Dominical. When she turned 17, she decided to open her own surf school to share her vast experience and knowledge. Debbie gas taught over 4000 students. She has competed in and won various national and international surf tournaments. Today, Debbie along with her husband and a loyal staff run the school which has earned a strong reputation. Her team is highly experienced and certified by ISA. Spend your surf retreat with Dominical Surf Lessons and have a fantastic time.

The Surf Camp

Dominical Surf Lessons features a number of superb surf packages that will definitely make your surf retreat a memorable experience.Dominical Surf Lessons 1

Pura Vida Surf Package

Come and live in Costa Rican style and enjoy the tropical vibe of the country. The package includes 3 surf lessons, 2 nights stay in a private cabin, complimentary breakfast, and unlimited access to surf board and other equipment, transportation and a photo session.

Tico Surf

It is a six days long package which features 6 nights stay of private cabin, 6 surf lessons, adventure tours such as zip lining, ATV tours, waterfall tours, horseback riding, unlimited access to surfboard, and a full deep body massage.

The Ultimate Surf Adventure

This 6 days package is perfect for surfers who want to surf the waves in both Jaco and Dominical. Explore the town and enjoy several other activities in ease. The camp organizes everything for you – from meals, accommodations to transportation. The deal includes 3 nights stay in a private cabin in Jaco, 3 nights stay in a private cabin in Domonical, daily breakfast included, 6 surf lessons, any one adventure tour (zip line, ATV, waterfall tour, horseback riding), unlimited surfboard use, transportation from and to airport and nearby surf spots and a full body massage.

Contact Dominical Surf Lessons

Location: Dominical and Jaco, Costa Rica
Phone Number: (506) 8853-4860 and (506) 7016-8700
Facebook Page:

Dominical Surf Lessons – Debbie’s Surf Lessons

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