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Playa Matapalo Surfing


Playa Matapalo Surfing

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Surf Spot: Playa Matapalo
Break Type: Reef rocky
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: North, West, Northwest
Ride Direction: Right
Tides: All tides


Cabo Matapalo is a coastal town located at the outermost point of the Osa Peninsula, in the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Wave Trotter Surf HostelConsidered as a paradisiacal haven, Matapalo is a sublime place encircled with tropical jungles and crystal clear ocean. Although travelers will find plenty of things to do here such as horseback riding, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, the town’s main pursuit is surfing. The beautiful beach of the village, Playa Matapalo, is renowned for its surf spots. Offering perfect weather condition and nice waves, Matapalo is quickly becoming a popular choice among surfers. Matapalo has three major surf points and each of them features a powerful right break with strong, consistent waves.

Playa Matapalo, also known as Hog Hole among the locals, boasts consistent waves for surfers of all levels. The best time to surf is at a mid tide when big swells rise from the west and southwest. The waves are fast, hollow, powerful and steep that breaks to the right over a reef bottom. During the mid tide, the waves are fast offering a very fun ride. The tide is facing the open ocean and easily picks up more swells. The length of waves is normally 50 to 150 meter but on a good day, it can reach up to 300 meters! Swells build up at less than 1 meter and can hold up to 10 feet. One of the best things about the beach is that it is mostly secluded even on weekdays. Watch out for rips, undertows and rocks.

Backwash Bay features a large and slow reef break present in the center of Backwash Bay. The waves are quite steep and not as consistent as the breaks in Matapalo, but the sectioned waves are great for long boarding sessions. Surfing is best when the tide is mid to low with swells from the west or southwest.

Pan Dulce, or sweet bread, is the smallest break. It is a long beach break that breaks to the right and often requires a larger swell. Best time is during the mid tide with a large swell from the south. It is a great area for beginners.

Surf Camps in Playa Matapalo

There are several surf camps, schools and shops located right on the beach. Many camps offer amazing surf packages along with accommodations and transport. There is Nomad Surfers Surf Camp which is a famous surf travel company with numerous branches. It offers tourists, particularly sport enthusiast, a wide variety of surf camps, resorts, charters and expeditions. Surfs schools like Pollo Surf School and Bodhi Surf School are make a good choice.

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Surfing in Playa Matapalo

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