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Playa Samara Surf Spot Guide


Playa Samara Surf Spot Guide

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Surf Spot: Playa Samara
Break Type: Beach break
Difficulty Level: All surfers
Best Swell Direction: Southwest, South
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: High tide – Rising tide


Samara is a tropical town located south to Nicoya Peninsula and west of the San Jose in Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The beach town is a superb platform for aquatic and terrestrial sport activities. Samara is a delightful place for sport fishermen, surfers, nature lovers and other sporty people. The city is easily reached by renting car or taking a bus from San Jose and Nicoya Peninsula. Visitors will be happy to find many great options for accommodations, restaurants, bars and other facilities. The town’s beach, Playa Samara, is a key to many thrilling sports. Although sportfishing is mainly practiced here, other activities like horseback riding, surfing, paragliding, scuba diving and snorkeling are also big. Talking of surfing, the beach is bordered by consistent waves throughout the years. Samara is an ideal place to learn surfing. The waves are gentle and smooth offering a perfect base for beginners and a fun one for seasoned surfers. The beach is usually crowd free both on weekends and weekdays.North Pt Samara

Even though surfing is not great in Samara, it is not bad either. The waves are often sloppy with ordinary power but have regular consistency all around the year. It features a beach break that breaks in a gradual manner to the right and left over a sandy bottom. The length of waves remains normal, both on average days and good days. They mostly ride up to 150 meters. Good swells are raised from the north and northwest. Even though the swells can sometimes hold up to 6 feet, they do not make it to the shore and close out. The surf is only good to ride at an upcoming high tide with a nice swell. The beach break is great for long boarders, novices and little kids. Samara also has some outside reefs but they far out in the water near the island, Isla Chora, and very difficult to access. The beach is very safe with no rips and currents due to which many camps hold surf lessons for children and beginners here. For a fun and smooth surf session, grab your surf gear and come to Playa Samara.

Surf Camps in Samara

Samara has a number of surf camps and schools. Most of them are located right on the beach. They offer surf lessons, surfboard and gear rental and even accommodations in reasonable prices. Renowned surf camps in Samara and nearby locations include Popo’s Treehouse – Expeditions and Surf Camp, Iguana Expeditions and Surf School, C & C Surf School, Serenity Surf Camps, Choco’s Samara Beach Surf School and Nosara Tico Surf School.

Surfing in Playa Samara

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