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Playa Coyote Surf Spots


Playa Coyote Surf Spots

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Surf Spot: Playa Coyote, Nicoya Peninsula
Break Type: Beach break
Difficulty Level: Experienced surfers
Best Swell Direction: Northwest and west
Ride Direction: Right and left
Tides: Mid to high tide


Playa Coyote is a secluded horse-shoe shaped white sand beach situated on the pacific border of Costa Rica on the NicoyaPeninsula in Guanacaste province. The isolated beach area is widely undiscovered present between two popular beaches, Playa Manzanillo and Playa Samara. Playa Coyote is a strictly protected area and is largely undeveloped. The beach is often visited by celebrities, solo travelers and people who are seeking a deluxe retreat in a private area. The beach mainly comprises of four parts. Playa Bejuco is on the north well known for its airport and a lavish hotel called Punta Islita Hotel, on the southern side, there is Playa San Miguel located nearby the rivermouth. Farther towards the south, completely isolated beaches, Playa Caletas and Rio Bongo, can be found. In the last few years, Playa Coyote has seen a large influx of surfers. Surfing is gradually getting popular in Playa Coyote and its nearby located breaks.Playa Coyote in Nicoya Peninsula

At Playa Coyote, you can surf the beach breaks and a number of outer of reefs. The beach break is suitable for experienced surfers. It breaks in both directions in a regular rhythm. Surfing is great here only if the waves don’t close out (which they do often). During the dry season, the tide is of mid range with powerful waves that break right and left over a sandy bottom. The swells can be as large as 6 feet and are raised from northwestern and northern side of the beach. Groundswells are more common than windswells. Playa Coyote provides a superb base to veteran for riding powerful waves. The spot is hardly ever crowded and the water is very clean. The months from December to March offer the best condition for surfing. Watch out for the rocks and rips.

Playa San Miguel has a beach break that offers several waves peeling to the right and to the left. If you want to surf in isolation and peace then this is the beach for you! The waves are best surfed at low and upcoming tide. Playa Bejuco has a consistent surf break with huge swells holding up to 12 feet. It is only suitable for veteran surfers. Playa Caletas also has reef breaks and beach breaks worth mentioning. For surfing the reef break, surfers will have to paddle out into the water. The best time to surf is a mid to high tide when the swells rise from northwest and west hemispheres. The months from December to March offer the best condition for surfing.

Surf Camps in Playa Coyote

Surf camps and retreat like Zuma Tours, Vajra Sol Surf and Yoga Retreat and Women’s Quest: Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat are popular camps in the southern Nicoya Peninsula.

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Surfing in Playa Coyote, Nicoya Peninsula

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