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Pico Pequeño Surf Adventure


Pico Pequeño Surf Adventure

Surf Spot: Pico Pequeño

Break Type: Beach break

Difficulty Level: All surfers

Best Swell Direction: Northwest, West

Ride Direction: Right and left

Tides: Mid and high tide – Rising tide


Pico Pequeño, also known as Little Peak, is a right handed beach break that breaks in front of the renowned hotel called Diria Hotel situated about 100 meters north to Tamarindo, in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica. The break is small but features powerful waves with peaks. Pico Pequeño is found right in the middle of Playa Tamarindo. Although, the waves seems gentle and forgiving but are actually quite strong and powerful. Beginner surfers should really stay away if they don’t to get ripped up. Pico Pequeño is formed by a huge rock offshore which can be seen from the beach even during the high tides. The surf breaks to the right over a sandy bottom. The waves only ride for a short distance, about 50 meters at most. Best time to surf is at a mid tide when it is rising. Pico Pequeño Surfing
Good swells gather from the west and northwest while good wind blows from southeast. The size of swells ranges from 5 to 6 feet. Groundswells are more common than windswells. Pico Pequeño is the double break which means that it initially breaks off the offshore rock and then shapes itself again. First swell is better to catch and surf. The surf break remains very consistent throughout the year. To the great annoyance of many surfers, the break is super crowded both on weekends and weekdays.

Surf Camps in Pico Pequeño

There are many surf camps located nearby Pico Pequeno that offer amazing surf classes, equipment, accommodations, meals and even transport . Some of the renowned surf schools are Tamarindo Surf School, Witch’s Rock Surf Camp, La Oveja Negra Surf Camp and Hostel, Waves Costa Rica Surf School and Adventures, WAYRA Instituto de Español, Costa Rica Surf Institute, Costa Rica Surf Club, Costa Rica Surf Adventures, ISLS Teen Spanish and Surf Camp and Blue Trailz Surf Camp and Shop.

Surf Forecast

Surfing in Pico Pequeño

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